Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Semi-New Blog Thingy

OK, I haven't figured out how to mirror the old URL so you could automatically get here from there -- so I hope you find us.

The change of name is result of a change of focus for Ana. As you all know, she had successful surgery, but now she owns her body. Her focus must be and is on recovery and healing. That starts by kicking the "C word" to the curb. It doesn't define her or her health.

And so here we are.

Ana is spending the week at an institute outside of San Diego focusing on her health, her mental approach and recovery from surgery. Today was better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be better than that.

So this is just the next step. There will be more and all will represent positive gains. Please continue giving if you can at all afford it, spiritually or financially -- Ana receives all of the money and all of the good vibes and spends them accordingly. The only reason that I'm serving as the middleman is so that she isn't burdened by having to say Thank You for Giving, it makes her cry each time to know how generous everyone has been throughout this chapter in her life. It's not a bad cry, but we should be encouraging laughter and lightening her load.

Look forward to bigger and better updates in the future.


  1. I look forward to the posts. please know that I am reading them and that they are great to have without having to ask her the dreaded questions that I'm sure are too often asked. so glad to know things are moving forward in a positive way. sending all my love from the big apple just for you Ana. -mari

  2. thank you beautiful. love you so much.