Monday, March 26, 2012

Next steps that look like graceful dancing

As always, Ana is weighing options. Naturally, sometimes, the options weigh on her too.

At current, she feels healthy and strong. The only time that ever wavers, even for a second, is when she feels a nagging doubt. Still, she is in good shape. The first, and biggest, hurdle she's already cleared with ease — successful surgery. The news on that part of her recovery has been nearly all good. The margins are clear, her body has recovered impressively, most of the tests she underwent came back on the positive side (things like estrogen negative, and the like) — they confirmed she had a non-aggressive kind of invasive breast cancer.

Now she is clearly on Step Two. She is going to take it without rushing into radiation and chemo, which is a difficult decision for her — but she sees radiation and chemo as poisonous, which is, in fact, what they are. The thought is that radiation 'cauterizes' the area effected by cancer and that chemo is a systemic solution that will kill more bad cells faster than it kills the more numerous good ones. But both pose difficulties and feature several long term side effects, some worse than others. SO -- she's looking into testable, but health-positive, treatments and overall regimens that will strengthen her body naturally.

Some of these things sound odd, but are they any more odd than saying that radiation is a healthy solution? Or that pumping your body full of actual poison will make you healthier?

So as treatments ranging from biomagnetics, IV solutions, Turkey Tail mushroom extracts to PET scans and blood monitoring are on the table. More than anything though, Ana has to have peace of mind. At this point, the tumor is gone, so now she needs to remove doubt. That really is the most important thing, considering how stress contributes to health breakdowns as it is.

She remains, as ever, conscious of her health and won't jeopardize it, which is why radiation remains an option down the road, but she is taking the next step without it. It's a brave step and one that requires our collective support and love. But it's not a reckless one either. It was a decision made with care and hope, sure, but also with a lot of reading, research and understanding. It is, for her, at this point in her life and her recovery, the step she feels will make her life better. Sounds healthy to me.


  1. Hey Ana,

    It's been forever since I saw you (or saw Arash either as sad as that is) but from what I remember I think you can kick the ass of anything, including said cancer (as you are so clearly doing).

    Hey I wanted to let you know that a good friend of mine who lives in Carlsbad went through similar sucky stuff, had a double mastectomy and now, several years later, is doing just fine ... if you want to chat with (sometimes it's easier to chat with people who know what it's like) hit me up and i'll have her call you or give you her info.

    keep your spirits high and since you're always so creative i fully expect a book to come out when all this is said and done!


  2. thank you so much chitra. xo